PROPER (2004)

    Proper will always be very special to us, because it was the first film we made as a team.

We intended the movie to be a celebration of UK riding, so we tried to involve the entire British scene at the time in it’s creation. Everyone was in there!

It’s really difficult to choose our favourite part, because there’s so many good ones, but we like Ryan Davis' and Nate Kern’s parts equally. Gendle rode with Davo a lot that year and we’ve always rated him – but it was really cool to be able to introduce Nate Kern into the scene, especially with such a banging part.

As far as favourite tricks go, Davo’s cab 9 nose grab, was an absolute classic and Danny Wheeler had some beauties in there, too.

The ‘Are you OK?’ intro to the slam section will stand out as one of the funniest parts of this film. Proper was also the start of the infamous medley sections that we’ve used ever since. A great way to get everyone in the film, even if they only had one trick!


    Even thinking about this movie makes us smile. We wanted to finish the credits of Proper with the words ‘Lockdown Projects will return with…’ like they do in the James Bond movies. We couldn't think of a cool name at the time, so we just put ‘Bad Ass Big Airs’ in and thought we’d change it later, but when people laughed as they read the line, we knew we had to keep it.


   Everybody was absolutely killing it that season and getting a lot of good shots done. There’s something colourful about Bad Ass Big Airs and it definitely has the best opening section to any of the films.

Scott McMorris' part never got boring, even after seeing it hundreds of times during the edit. Si Brass' part is also really strong; he really showed how good he was that year – his BS 5 Indy and the footage of him riding for the first time as a kid is priceless! We’re still as scared watching Graham MacVoy getting avalanched over the cliff in Tignes, as when we first saw it and Gary Greenshields stepping up to the Avoriaz gap on his own will go down in history as one of the pivotal points in UK snowboarding.

Bad Ass Big Airs has the best riding of all our movies!


    Johno Verity’s skit in BABA went down so well that we made a conscious effort to include more humour in this movie. It was really fun to do the skits and interviews with all the riders. The level of riding in movies is absurdly high now and we realised we needed to work to our strengths and decided to make the films funnier.

It was definitely Gary Greenshields’ year. He worked harder than anyone and his riding just clicked. Gary fully deserved to have such a good part. Again Nate Kern stepped up and of course Tyler‘s part is brilliant with an amazing song choice!

Our best tricks are Tyler’s first big, floaty front flip; simply beautiful. Gary’s FS720 melon from Deux Alpes is a banger and Laura Berry’s wallride in Iceland is one of the longest stalls that we’ve ever seen.

The stand out part of the film for us is Dan Wakeham’s Olympic section. What truly makes the section work is the footage of his mates watching him in the pub. It was a huge deal for Dan – and everyone that knew him – so it was amazing to be able to get that across in the film instead of just showing flashy Olympic riding. It still makes the hairs stand up on our necks and it’s a nice memory for Dan to have.

Terminal Ferocity (2007)

    I don’t know if we can really call Terminal Ferocity a ‘snowboard’ movie, but to be honest, part of us has always wanted to make this film. As everybody knows, the 06/07 season was literally horrible for snow and we knew from very early on that we weren’t going to have much good footage – the film just HAD to be different.

We thought about making a full-on, serious documentary; but we also know how stoked everyone is to see people’s riding, so we decided to combine the two and add our sense of humour. I just hope it works – we'll find out by the time that you have this in your hands, because as we write, the film is not finished, and it’s already clocking the one hour mark. Buy us a beer if you like it!

Dom Harington should be stoked because he's never had a big part in a movie before and he’s such a nice guy with incredible amounts of talent. We’re stoked for him this year. Nate Kern finally gets the ‘end’ part he deserves, and the filming, of this years film is at it‘s best. In our eyes Terminal Ferocity looks the best!


   We love Ben Kilner’s BS7’s from NZ, the tweak on them is ridiculous, and our favourite part of this film is Scott McMorris' helmet cam skit. You’re not human if you don’t find it funny!


LOCKDOWN projects have been involved in every British snowboard film to date. Whether it be directing, producing, or simply filming, we have our roots heavily sunk in snow filming.

As well as producing 4 UK snowboard films (below), LOCKDOWN have also filmed for and worked closely with lots of bigger companies, including;

BBC & Ski Sunday, Quiksilver, Oakley, Red Bull, Big Balls Films, Roxy, Vans, and Adidas.

Experts at on snow filming and consultation.